Anytown Manifesto for Election 2015


We, the people of Anytown, call on our prospective parliamentary candidates to listen to local people. We reject political parties dictating the terms of the election based on election manifestos written in Westminster by people who have little idea of our lives or the challenges we face.

This is our manifesto.

We urge you as parliamentary party candidates, to read it.

We will be writing to each of you separately and inviting you to respond to our manifesto, particularly the concerns and questions we lay out. We will post your responses online for all to view, comment on, and refer back to. We hope that comments will also act as useful feedback to you and  help you better understand a range of viewpoints on issues of pressing local concern.  We also invite you to use our website  to respond to any further questions that people may ask.

Nearer the election, we propose to bring together all candidate responses  and post our own overview highlighting the salient points. We plan to combine this with a press release to all local radio, TV stations and the local papers.

Hustings event

We also very much hope to to bring candidates together for a hustings event such as a panel Q&A   which offers you the opportunity to meet, discuss and answer further questions as well as clarify any points made in your responses to our manifesto. We hope you will attend.

We hope too that our manifesto makes one thing abundantly clear to you: it is your constituents voice you shall hear, first, last and loudest. Not party central office nor the City of London.



  1. Thanks for sending this to Lambeth KONP and for your good work on this. You may already know that national KONP in Dec signed up to the pledges on the website of Peoples Vote for the NHS (an offshoot of the 999 ‘Jarrow’ march last summer)

    This is not in contradiction to your manifesto but more specific.

    Unfortunately we do not have the resources to campaign up to the Election on any broader platform than the NHS so we can’t really participate in your website. Very sorry.

    Very best of luck with it.



    1. Many thanks for your comment – how will you be campaigning? letter to MP or hustings event? interested to know what others are doing



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